Winter Warmer Box


If you need tasty, flavoursome meals to last you through the winter then the Winter Warmer Box is perfect to get you through.

Product Description

Providing a wide variety of meats perfect for stews and wholesome dinners all your family and friends will want to come round. Our lean diced lamb is perfect for a warming aromatic curry or our top quality 1.5kg whole chicken is fantastic for a classic chicken dinner. All you need then are vegetables, a few homemade Yorkshire puddings and thick gravy, delicious!


2 x 500g diced braising steak
2 x 500g lean shin beef
2 x 500g lean minced steak
2 x 500g lean diced pork
2 x 500g lean diced lamb
2 x 500g pork sausage
1 x 500g ox tail
1.5kg whole chicken
4 x chicken legs


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