Protein Box Jumbo


This box is for those who are looking to put on lean muscle mass or those who live an active lifestyle and want to eat lean healthy meats.

Product Description

The Protein Jumbo Box has been specially selected with high protein, lean cuts of meat and created on a larger scale too, to ensure you get all the fuel you require. Cooking healthy food does not mean you have to lose out on flavour. Another bonus is that our chicken breasts are not filled with extra water weight providing more protein per portion.


2 x 500g lean minced steak
8 x 200g chicken breasts
4 x 250g quick fry beef steaks
2 x 230g sirloin steaks
2 x 230g rump steaks
4 x ¼ pounder beef burgers
4 x pork steaks
1 x 1.5kg whole chicken
1 x 500g pork tenderloin
1 x 500g low fat sausage


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